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Steem Ninja - Fast and efficient services for Steem

Steem.Ninja offers a variety of services for Steem. The most recent release allows everyone to monetize onboarding on the Steem blockchain by sharing referral links where users can buy a Steem account. Previously users had to sign up for a free account and had to wait for a couple of weeks. With Steem Ninja everyone can get started within minutes. New accounts come with a delegation of 15SP so that new users can start immediately. Furthermore Steem.Ninja can be easily integrated in existing apps/dapps to offer an even greater user experience. In the future Steem.Ninja will also become an easy fiat to Steem exchange.

Status: Live


Nico Wehmöller

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Last updated: Feb 26th, 2019
Submitted: Jan 31st, 2019

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