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  • 1% House Edge, Provably Fair Dice with Investing!
Steem-Roller - 1% House Edge, Provably Fair Dice with Investing!

Steem-Roller.com is a state of the art provably-fair 1% house edge dice game featuring incredibly fast and secure betting as well as allowing users to become the house and invest in the bankroll with up to 99x leverage.

Betting odds / win chances as high as 98.99% to long odds / win chances as low as 0.0001% offer a wide variety of user selected odds. Maximum payout multiple on bets is an incredible 990000x allowing gamblers to win incredible amounts of STEEM with extremely low amounts wagered if their lucky enough.

Instant deposits and withdrawals allow users to move STEEM in and out quickly, with the ability to invest and divest into the sites bankroll being instant as well.

Site features a free STEEM faucet leveled up by betting, allows tipping from user to user, private messaging and a trollbox to name a few features.

The site is currently under development and is considered an online alpha test. Nearly 33,000,000 bets have been served and 2,800,000 STEEM have been wagered!

Status: Beta



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Last updated: Jan 31st, 2020
Submitted: Jan 31st, 2020
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