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Platform that rewards people for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience

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Last updated: Dec 16th, 2018
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018
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Critic Reviews


    Steepshot is one of steem's interfaces. It is a platform primarily for sharing visual experiences and lifestyles through uploading of photos - one of the very few steem-based dapps that offers steemians the opportunity of doing just this. Here, users get to share their lifestyles and capture moments by posting images to the steem decentralized database. In other words, steepshot runs on the steem blockchain.

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  • My Review of @steepshot - A Place to Share Your Visual Lifestyle & Special Moments

    Hey #steemians and #dtubers… Do you Love taking Photos or SHort Videos of your Amazing Lifestyle or Special Moments and Sharing them? Well, this #Dapp I am reviewing today is just the one you have been looking for and is powered by the #steem Platform. I bring to you @steepshot!!! A Place where you can share all of those Special Moments, Amazing food Photos, Funny moments with your friends, Travel Moments or anything you want.

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  • Steepshot - "Instagram" that rewards you

    Steepshot is the application that you share your lifestyle and be rewarded. Is the same like Instagram but it works with Steem blockchain. You share photos and you get rewards. Or you give rewards simply by liking photos of the others. It does not have any big philosophy, it works so easy. This application is for everyone, for friends , family members and so on. It is immune to censorship there are no rules like what you can share since blockchain itself is decentralized. And it is totally powered by a blockchain. You can earn cryptocurrency both by liking and sharing photo, when you like you get a small percentage just because you curated a photo, and you get a full rewards from your photo.

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  • Steepshot | Share moments and earn coins(Social Media Review)

    Steepshot refers to a Blockchain-powered and censorship-resistant social platform that can be used to share cool photos with your family and friends while earning steem tokens through upvotes, curating and engaging with the community. It’s the very first photo sharing steem powered social platform where all rewards are generated by the Steem Blockchain. Steepshot users can earn Steem and Steem dollars which can be easily exchanged for fiat. At the writing of this blog Steepshot is ranked number 104 on the state of the Dapps

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  • Steepshot Review

    If you are a person that takes a lot of pictures in the day to day life and want to test your photography skills Steepshot is the Dapp for you. It is a fun way to share your cool and intriguing pictures to earn Steem. The platform allows Steemit users to post pictures and share it both on Steemit and the Steepshot platform. While we feel Steemit is a replacement in the Blockchain world for Facebook then definitely Steepshot is a replacement for Instagram in the Cryptocurrency world.

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