• Autonomous hedge fund-as-a-token DeFi protocol
SUBTOKEN - Autonomous hedge fund-as-a-token DeFi protocol

Sub protocol is an autonomous quantitative hedge fund-as-a-token DeFi protocol that allocates funds under its management to the following three classes of crypto assets: 1. Bitcoin and 2. USD-linked stablecoins and 3. Altcoins such as ETH, XLM and XTZ dynamically and directionally in a mutually exclusive way. If BTC value is either relatively stable or positively increasing relative to the purchasing power of the basket of Stablecoins--->(USDC, TrueUSD and USDT), Sub protocol automatically buys more BTC/Bitcoins. But when BTC price negatively fluctuates and losses 3% or more value for more than >10 minutes, then Sub protocol Conversion Contract automatically reshuffles and rebalances its portfolio of crypto assets to the basket of stablecoins by progressively selling BTC and Altcoins and by reallocating funds to USD stablecoins in a calibrated manner guided by the DelayFunc(0.50%++/--). The whole dynamic process of tactical asset allocation and reshuffling is completely automatic.

Status: WIP


Aditya Singh, Shubham Dusane, Sumit, Ramesh G

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Last updated: Sep 28th, 2020
Submitted: Sep 28th, 2020
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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