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  • The most complete wallet management solution
SuperApp - The most complete wallet management solution

DexKit's SuperApp is here to help users to manage their crypto assets in the most efficient way, including trading analysis tools. Users will be able to create their own ERC-20 wallet using their email, Twitter, Discord or Google credentials anywhere, anytime, without downloading another crypto wallet, or import their seed.

The SuperApp is perfect for those low end devices running out there without Apple or Google latest OS updates. The only requirement for the SuperApp is any .js compatible browser (With Opera Crypto or Brave works perfect!)

Maximum compatibility: The SuperApp works with any 0x compatible network. The users can add their preferred network and manage their assets from there.

Inside the SuperApp users can also buy crypto using Transak secure plugin and start their journey from there.

Status: Beta


João Campos

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Last updated: Apr 20th, 2022
Submitted: Apr 20th, 2022
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