• E-commerce with supply chain authentication system
TEMCO - E-commerce with supply chain authentication system

TEMCO is blockchain based company that focuses on supply chain data management solution and an e-commerce platform with supply chain system to track the distribution records regarding the resales of luxury goods with authenticity verification, 'GUHADA’. TEMCO is also focused on developing modularized open blockchain API to implement the innovative blockchain solution.

TEMCO Tokens are used as a medium of exchange within the TEMCO platform. Specifically, it is a key means of payment for the execution of Smart Contracts, data uploading and the purchase of services (e.g. purchasing prime spots, featuring their products, commercials, BI Tool, etc.) and products within the TEMCO’s e-commerce platform.

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Last updated: Dec 17th, 2019
Submitted: Nov 7th, 2019

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