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In our solution, fiat­pegged cryptocurrencies are called “tethers”. All tethers will initially be issued on the
Bitcoin blockchain via the Omni Layer protocol and so they exist as a cryptocurrency token. Each tether unit
issued into circulation is backed in a one­to­one ratio (i.e. one Tether USDT is one US dollar) by the
corresponding fiat currency unit held in deposit by Hong Kong based Tether Limited. Tethers may be
redeemable/exchangeable for the underlying fiat currency pursuant to Tether Limited’s terms of service or, if
the holder prefers, the equivalent spot value in Bitcoin. Once a tether has been issued, it can be transferred,
stored, spent, etc just like bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. The fiat currency on reserve has gained the
properties of a cryptocurrency and its price is permanently tethered to the price of the fiat currency

Status: Live


Tether Operations Limited

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Last updated: Nov 26th, 2020
Submitted: Nov 26th, 2020

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