• The Illuminati

  • Autonomous and self-sustaining pyramid scheme

Warning: Don't fall for Ponzi schemes and other (pyramid) investment frauds. These scams involve paying longer-standing members with money from new participants, instead of actual profits from investing or selling products / services to the public. This cannot be sustained and will always collapse eventually. Protect yourself and your money by steering clear of any "opportunity" bearing warning signs of a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

We believe in the original foundation in which cryptocurrency was designed—to be decentralized and free of control from greedy banks and government corruption. Our coin was designed to be controlled by YOU. ILMT was created as a peer to peer digitial asset that allows YOU, the people to transfer its value with no central authority or third party involved. No third party involvement or price manipulation is our mission to restore power back to the hands of the people.

Status: Abandoned


Rellion Talerico

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Last updated: Apr 30th, 2019
Submitted: Apr 10th, 2018
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