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Tippit - Directly support your favourite creators

The defining mission of Tippit: to make it as easy as possible to support content online, paving the way for the new economy of the decentralised web.

Put simply, Tippit allows you to "tip" the creators of content you most enjoy online, starting with YouTube. You can tip with cryptocurrency, without needing to know their wallet address or any other nonsense - and you can do so directly from YouTube.

Tippit provides a secure mechanism for content creators to link their Ethereum address to their Google/YouTube accounts (support for other platforms coming soon!). For creators using Tippit, it's super easy for their fans to support their content by sending them an Ether tip.

Status: Live


Mike Christensen

Software license


Last updated: Mar 29th, 2019
Submitted: Mar 29th, 2019
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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Critic Reviews

  • Tippit- Directly Tip Your Fave Online Creators on Youtube & Medium with ETH/Other Crypto!No Crypto Addresses Needed, Email Works! Let's Tip @Tanbay for Demo..

    This DAPP Allows You to Tip Your Favorite Online Content creators as you browse the Internet. The most insane thing is, YOU DON;T HAVE TO KNOW THEIR CRYPTO Addresses! You Can Do So Via Email as Well! Imagine all the Youtube & Medium Creators who could Use a Tip or 3 to encourage them to keep on creating that great content. Imagine of your favorite content creators, then imagine you being able to tip them like you do for a waiter at a restaurant or at the bar, isn't that feeling just amazing? On this Vlog, I walk you guys through how to use this DApp and Discuss In detail Why I feel it is a great addition to the Crypto community.

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  • Tippit - Rewarding Content Creation Through Blockchain - Dapp Review

    With the application of blockchain and cryptocurrency, content viewers can now reward their favorite content creator directly through a tipping system called Tippit coined from the word tips. The Tips are in Ethereum cryptocurrency. The focus of Tippit is to ensure that every content thrives, as long as someone enjoys it, that person can support it and basically anyone seamlessly can.

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