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Top Bidder is a dapp for premium EOS accounts' auction. You can bid the accounts with game, ex, net and pra as suffix. For example, you can bid "cool.game" , "fast.ex" or "batte.net" as your EOS account. Every account starts auction from 0.05 EOS and each bid increase the price by 10%. During the auction, you can earn 75% of the profit when another bid over your price. the other 5% profit for referrer and 20% profit into the prize pool. When an account have not bidden by a higher price for over 12/24 hours, the top bidder will take the permission for creating this account and also get the factor for prize pool's dividends. You can submit or vote 10 new accounts in the reserve pool each day. When an account finished auction, the most voted one in the reserve pool will automatically start auction

Status: Live


Top Bidder

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Last updated: Dec 21st, 2018
Submitted: Dec 21st, 2018
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