• Triangle Rooms

  • Buy Tickets & win round prize!
Triangle Rooms - Buy Tickets & win round prize!

First of all, these are fair games that are available to absolutely everyone, because the ticket price in any round in any of the rooms is only 0.011 ETH

Unlike various lotteries, slot machines, casinos and other games of chance, where the organizers can easily choose the winner if they wanted to, Trainglerooms.io is a system that completely excludes the possibility of interfering with the algorithm for determining the winner and works on the basis of a decentralized smart contract.

There are 4 game rooms: red green blue purple. The rooms differ from each other in the number of tickets and, consequently, the amount of prize that the winner will receive (the winning ticket).

Status: Live



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Last updated: Sep 29th, 2020
Submitted: Sep 29th, 2020
  • Mainnet contracts (Ethereum)

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