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  • Building a better financial system
Trustlines Protocol - Building a better financial system

The Trustlines Network is a community project that empowers people to create their own money and access digital payments. This is called People Powered Money.

To enable People Powered Money, we are building a universally accessible payment system. It allows people to make and receive payments without the burden of linking a bank account, or depositing any money upfront.

The Trustlines Protocol is the blockchain-based technology stack that brings People Powered Money to life. Using secure, decentralized blockchain technology is important to ensure that Trustlines remains accessible to everyone.

Developers are encouraged to build their own applications on top of the Protocol. For example, check out https://trustlines.app/

Status: Live


Auxiliary GmbH, Trustlines Foundation

Software license


Last updated: Feb 5th, 2021
Submitted: Mar 25th, 2017
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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