• Trxd Finance

  • SF Protocol with fund pool to Maximize DeFi Profit
Trxd Finance - SF Protocol with fund pool to Maximize DeFi Profit

Community support fund Supportive financial protocol with DeFi network. A dynamic financial protocol that distributes generate returns and financial support to users. The protocol utilizes a network of DeFi services in order to maximize DeFi earning potential. Key aspects of the dapp are growth, sustainability, and profitable returns.

TFI - stake your trx to mine TFI tokens
A reward DeFi token on the trxd.finance protocol. It facilitates stake mining, distribute earnings, trading fees, yield farming, liquidity provision, incentives and much more. TFI is a core component in the TRON DeFi ecosystem.

Further token usages will include access to reserve system, system features, community drawings, external trade, stake to mine for cross platform tokens, and much more.

Strong tokenomics include buybacks, token burn mechanism, staking, reduce supply circulation, built-in price floors, and other features that all promote the value of the token and deliver benefits to holders.

Status: Live


Trxd Finance

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Last updated: Oct 18th, 2020
Submitted: Oct 9th, 2020
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