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Unmai is a decentralized web application that enables time stamping of documents / content on Ethereum blockchain after validating the Proof of Ownership.

Post User Ownership verification and document timestamping, Unmai issues a certificate that represents the immutable record that is stored and associated with the rightful owner in the Ethereum blockchain.

Unmai with a little help from Metamask maintains an unique balance between identity,authenticity and security of all the documents / content that is certified through its advanced smart contracts. Without the need to disclose your wallet's private keys, you can certify documents on Ethereum blockchain after proper identity verification.

Unmai 's unique approach establishes / satisfies both Proof of Existence and Proof of Ownership relationships. It is a completely free service. You only pay for the gas to submit and complete your transaction on Ethereum, which is standard in all public blockchains.

Status: Beta


BlockAppZ Labs

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Last updated: Oct 2nd, 2018
Submitted: Oct 2nd, 2018

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