• Autonomous distributed interactive research network
VeADIR - Autonomous distributed interactive research network

VeADIR is an interactive, digital research vehicle that offers exposures to its vetted research subjects. The research takes advantage of distributed ledger (blockchain) and smart contract technology in that it can be both dynamic and applied. This means the research can and will be actionable by this independent construct in near real time. VeADIR is built to be independent from Veritaseum in manner and action. As such, it is designed to makes decisions separate and apart from Veritaseum or other entities and it must be considered autonomous and sovereign in its actions and existence.

Communication is performed in machine language to and from the VeADIR summarizing the token purchases, distributions, valuation forensics and market liquidity.

The VeADIR will pay operating fees to Veritaseum (tokens, either USD-locked or other) for real world research. Veritaseum then feeds research results to VeADIR.

Status: Beta


Reggie Middleton, Jeff Tabak, Patryk Dworznik, Manish Kapoor, Eleanor Reid, Marilyn Charlot, Masiah

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Unknown license

Last updated: Jan 6th, 2019
Submitted: Jan 6th, 2019

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