• Borrow, lend, and save with VIGOR protocol
VIGOR - Borrow, lend, and save with VIGOR protocol

VIGOR protocol is a borrow, lend, and save community. The VIGOR protocol core theme is that crypto-backed tokens are fundamentally concerned with jump-to-zero price risk and volatility risk. Vigor protocol enables the separation and transfer of those risks. VIGOR is the low-volatility payment token (“cash” instrument) created on our platform; it is a crypto-backed token on the EOS blockchain that tracks the US dollar. Vigor protocol, in a broader context, is a decentralized autonomous smart contract prime broker that enables users to: A. borrow VIGOR against a basket of crypto token collateral. B. borrow EOS native tokens against VIGOR token collateral. C. lend tokens to a lending pool and get VIG token rewards. and D. Lock up VIGOR token in a savings account to get VIG token rewards. VIG is the utility token and used for platform fees and rewards. Users build a reputation score when using the Vigor protocol giving them platform discounts.

Status: Beta



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Last updated: Jun 16th, 2020
Submitted: Jun 16th, 2020

Active users ?

  • Daily 8
  • Weekly 46
  • Monthly 111


  • 1 day 5,294
  • 7 days 36,432
  • 30 days 140,247

Volume (EOS)

  • 1 day 0.178
  • 7 days 12,767.19
  • 30 days 15,404.648
  • Mainnet contracts (EOS)

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