• Audio-visual generative on-chain art collection
VINYL - Audio-visual generative on-chain art collection

You will have 3 days for minting! If not all Vinyl is sold at public sale, we will hold a 24 hours public sale. The rest of the Vinyl will be burned. If Bansky can, why can’t we? This will make Vinyl exclusive and owned only by true music and NFT pioneers!

Vinyl is generative on-chain art packed into ERC-721 token on Ethereum blockchain.
To make our Vinyl an innovation in the world of NFTs, we added music and animation to each piece. That way you can actually play the record! Thanks to vector graphics you can explore your Vinyl in detail. Every musician mentioned on Vinyl is a resident of WBMC Music Metaverse.
The records come in different colors. You can acquire a regular black Vinyl or a rare one, which comes in silver, gold, or platinum.

Status: WIP


Fil Makarov

Software license

Unknown license

Last updated: Nov 5th, 2021
Submitted: Nov 5th, 2021

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