• Voltswap

  • First ever front-running resistant crosschain DEX

With the help of Meter’s infrastructure, VoltSwap introduced several unique features that are not yet available on current first or second-layer swap solutions.

VoltSwap not only allows for lightning-fast transactions with low gas fees but is also fully decentralized and front-running resistant.

Since Meter Passport connects to multiple blockchains starting with the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Moonriver, VoltSwap provides the capability for swapping assets from different chains to facilitate cross-chain arbitrage and onboarding exchange decentralized finance chains without Know Your Customer restrictions.

VoltSwap is a community-driven project and the first DEX on the Meter blockchain. To provide the best security and highest yield in DeFi yield farming, VoltSwap created a nonfungible token contract-based smart wallet for each user, where they can subscribe to as many liquidity mining programs as they want without the tokens ever leaving their wallets.

Status: Live


Xiaohan Zhu

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Last updated: Oct 13th, 2021
Submitted: Oct 13th, 2021

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