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Mission: Can't be evil
Vision: Everything Exchange
Values:Can't be evil
Core differentiation: The world's largest Decentralized Exchange
Slogan: Trade Cryptos on WhaleEx

WhaleEx is the world's largest decentralized exchange, which providing a great platform for trading cryptocurrency. The exchange has created unique user experience, such as asset safety, no counterfeit cryptocurrency, zero trading fees and instant withdrawal, ultimately to bring transparency and trust to the encrypted asset industry with the blockchain technology.

Inspired by Amazon's vision Everything Store, WhaleEx take it as Everything Exchange. The exchange has independently developed cross-chain technology to support a variety of cross-chain assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also has developed the fiat OTC and will soon release derivatives such as margin, futures, options and perpetual contracts.

Status: Live



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Last updated: Sep 11th, 2019
Submitted: Dec 21st, 2018

Active users ?

  • Daily 7
  • Weekly 16
  • Monthly 46


  • 1 day 4,998
  • 7 days 34,074
  • 30 days 152,545

Volume (EOS)

  • 1 day 165.255
  • 7 days 5,334.103
  • 30 days 31,313.608
  • Mainnet contract (EOS)

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