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  • Verifying where video is original or tampered
WhereCamFrom - Verifying where video is original or tampered

Video contents of surveillance cameras are very frequently used as a major evidence for examination of criminal and accident events. But, video contents are meaningful only when the video contents are original (never edited by a video editing tool such as Sony Vegas). Moreover, recently Deep Fake video may generate fake news and cause a big social confusion. Our service verifies quickly and easily whether a video file is original as recorded by surveillance cameras (such as smartphone, automobile deriving recorder, and CCTV) or tampered by video editing tools (such as Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker, etc.). When a user uploads a video file on our front-end server, our service gives the integrity verification result: for example, “This video file is original (never edited by any video editing tool) and made by iPhone 6” or “This video file is edited by Sony Vegas”.

Status: Live


Wan Yeon Lee

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Last updated: Mar 11th, 2020
Submitted: Dec 13th, 2019
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