• World Domination MEOW

  • All your MEOWS are belong to me.

Compu™Global™Hyper™Mega™Corp’s World Domination MEOW Token is the only Token worth having. Mr. Whiskers, Chairman, CEO and mascot of Compu™Global™Hyper™Mega™Corp intends to use the World Domination MEOW Token and its software ecosystem to introduce a number of technologies and platforms to the world each using his patented Proof of MEOW™ consensus mechanism. Meow, hiss, purr; Hiss, meow, purr; and Purr, hiss, purr; redefining and elegantly resolving the older and lesser known Egyptian Pharaoh Kitty Problem.

Status: Live


Mr. Whiskers

Software license

LGPL 3.0

Last updated: Nov 15th, 2019
Submitted: Nov 15th, 2019
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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