• 80s “common faults” - 1st ever generative art form
ZX ERROR ART NFT - 80s “common faults” - 1st ever generative art form

ZX Error Art is a unique digital collection of 7,728 pieces of art inspired and reinterpreted from error and test screens from the original ZX Spectrum computer family.

Original ZX Spectrum “common faults” from the early 80s represent the first ever generative art form. ZX Error Art NFT collection explores in different ways what was once regarded as an error and that is now considered art.

When you buy any error from our NFT collection, you are not just buying a piece of art, you are becoming a part of a heritage club that cherishes the early roots of gaming, generative art, decentralization, and human need for global communication through personal computers.

Before there was ever a mention of decentralization, there was a democratization of computer technology, and through ZX Error Art Heritage Project we would not only want to promote art, but also raise awareness and educate on the origins of the technology we know today and can’t live without.

Status: WIP



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Last updated: Dec 19th, 2021
Submitted: Dec 19th, 2021

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