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To promote your DApp you can choose between these three packages:

Option 1: Featured DApp on our homepage, 30 days shared spot (rotating between 10 dapps max).

Option 2: Featured DApp on our homepage, 7 days exclusive spot.

Option 3: Featured DApp on our homepage, 14 days exclusive spot.

By promoting your DApp you will benefit from an estimated traffic of 110K visits per month (source: SimilarWeb, May 2019). Featured DApps on State of the DApps typically see a CTR (Click Through Rate) between 4 and 11% to your DApp details page. The details page of featured DApps has a CTR of over 55% to your DApp website (and/or social media accounts). Our CTR is very high, compared to the industry average CTR of 1.91% for a search ad, and 0.35% for a display ad.

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Please note: We do not accept promotion requests for gambling DApps, or DApps that are ponzi or pyramid schemes.

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